Christa Glück

Christa Glück

geb. Pawlitzki
* 22.05.1934
† 06.05.2020
Erstellt von Heiner Glück
Angelegt am 23.05.2020
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Farewell to an Angel

28.05.2020 um 09:06 Uhr von Eryk Janicki Zamosc

When I have met Christa in 1992 year, I recognised an Angel in Her. In my opinion Angel is not a person doing everythig right always, but the one having warm feelings for everybody, wanting to help and doing that because of good heart, not for money or plaudit. I am sending this ferewell in the name of Waldemar Zakrzewski too. They have done so any good things together for Schwabich Hall and Zamosc. Many people will remember that as long as they live. In fact I am sure Christa is making some mission up in the Heaven above, because She was like that, always on the run, hurry to make something good and beautiful for other people. We will miss You Christa. This world will never be the same without You.

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